Greys Take on All Star Week

Empire State All-Star’s Zak Whalin and J.R. DiSarcina had an eventful week in Windy City. The two not only played in the All-Star Game Wednesday, but also partook in some of the Skills Competitions during Tuesday night’s festivities.

DiSarcina competed in the first of Tuesday’s competitions, Bunting Accuracy Challenge. In this challenge he was tasked with trying to bunt the ball onto a target and earn points based on how close to the bullseye the ball landed. J.R. had a great showing and came in third place.

Whalin was a part of the Catcher Accuracy Challenge later in the night. Five different barrels were set up at second base and depending on which one was hit, or if the ball went into it, determined the number of points. Zak, like J.R., put on a valiant effort and earned himself third place in the competition.

On Wednesday, the two entered as replacements for the second half of the game. DiSarcina went 0-0 with two walks while Whalin went 0-2 but hit the ball hard. Both played big parts in closing out the game defensively and helped the East defeat the West 10-4.

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